Poetry Corner: At the seashore 

Poetry Corner

Here at the seashore

Surrounded by countless seashells

No one intrudes with a call

No one inputs a yell


The breeze

Windy and salty

Ever free

Ever blowing to freeze

Never ever been rude


The waves

Their wavy oscillating attitude

Constant and intrusive

Ever been weaving and rolling

Never waving a bye


The Coral reefs

Love only the platitudes

Live only for a period not so brief

Lie and lie and not want to die


The fish

Contented with its surroundings

Completely complacent


Days unending

Tarries unending

To swallow hook, line and sinker

Into an ending


The Swan

The neck of the Swan


In routine inspection

It snatches the fish

In routine fashion

It cranes a neck outstretched

Like the crane


The Canoe

It lingers

Lazily it anchors in readiness

As it anchors on the latitude

As it conquers the hisses and the dews

It dances to a wheezing tune


The fisherman

He has fortitude

A lot of it

The fishmonger

She curries favour

Only a little bit of it


The fisherman and the fishmonger


To pollute the seashore

Before leaving the shores

Of the poor ocean


The squatter

And the sand winner

Destroy the shores

In droves

Calling the spade a winning partner


The fishing net sees it all

But it believes in servitude



Says the moon shell


Suggests the sand


Claims the ocean


Impresses the fish

The lobster

The shrimp


Amply implied in the horizon


The Sun

It has daylight

It rests horizontally

It emits vertically

But seems at peace with the ocean


The man

The woman

Hardly covered

They love a bare attitude

They root for Adam and Eve

Less of cover

More of skin


Here at the seashore

With ships in view

With fins in the big Blue

With wings in the sky blue

It is crude

It is rude

To be caught naked

…in the nude


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