Corporate Poet: Welldone Korle-bu Teaching Hospital


In the southern part of Ghana

Along the coast of the gulf of Guinea

There is a place by name of Korle-bu

It the great valley of the korle lagoon

There a very great work was started

And a very mighty seed was planted

Initiated by the colonial government

A true medical facility for development

The big vision of governor Guggisberg

This is Korle-bu Teaching Hospital

The center of excellence in healthcare


A hospital of international quality

Equipped with state of the art facility

With staff in all the areas of speciality

Who never compromise on punctuality

A teaching hospital of higher standard

Training professionals in every regard


They work tirelessly around the clock

Providing healthcare for 24 hours a day

The staff are gentle, caring and patience

At their hands the patients are satisfied


No matter the height of the sickness

At Korle-bu, it shall be brought low

No matter the size of the disease

At Korle-bu it shall surely be treated

No matter the cause of the sickness

At Korle-bu, it shall be controlled


No matter how dangerous a sickness is

At Korle-bu, it can still be managed

No matter how complex a problem is

At Korle-bu, it will be surely diagnosed

No matter the age of the sickness

At Korle-bu there will be a solution

No matter where you come from

At Korle-bu, you will go back healed


Many precious lives have been saved

Many great problems have been solved

Many achievements have been made

And many people have been blessed

Thanks to Korle-bu Teaching hospital


Continue leading the way in healthcare

Continue serving the world in healthcare

Continue doing your best in healthcare

Continue shining the light in healthcare

And the greatest reward shall be yours


Well-done Korle-bu Teaching hospital !

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