Unicorn Group launches Accra incubation, innovation campus


Unicorn Group (Unicorn), a pan-African investment company targeting innovative ideas, start-ups and early-stage companies in the technology and technology-enabled sectors across Africa, has launched its Unicorn Incubation Campus in Accra.

The Accra campus follows the launch of the company’s incubation campuses in Lagos, San Francisco and Dallas, and is expected to set a new standard for anyone with an idea by addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and startups across West Africa.

The Unicorn Incubation Campus for entrepreneurs and innovators was inaugurated by Kojo Nkrumah, Minister of Information, with other special guests of honour in attendance such as Salma Okonkwo, Chairman UBI Group, Dr. Wura Abiola, Director Unicorn Group and Kojo Anna, General Partner Vector Innovation Fund.

“It is exciting that the Unicorn Incubation Campus is happening in Accra. Entrepreneurs face several problems, with an ecosystem like this that provides access to 24-hour co-working spaces, technology, networking, training and mentorship, entrepreneurs can harness the opportunities to create global brands,” Mr. Nkrumah commented, pledging government support to creating an enabling environment for the private sector, particularly the technology space, to thrive.

“The Unicorn Incubation Campus Accra further reiterates our commitment towards spurring innovation and empowering African entrepreneurs to identify and build sustainable and competitive companies that will contribute to the economic growth of Africa. We believe that the Unicorn Incubation Campus will be a game changer for all entrepreneurs in Ghana who want to launch their dreams.” Chairman Unicorn Group, Dr. Akintoye Akindele, said.

As Africans continue to innovate and position the continent as an increasingly attractive destination for investment, competition on the global stage, and technology-based solutions, he said the Unicorn Group was pleased to support an ecosystem that will empower entrepreneurs to bring their ambitious ideas to life and propel “us toward the Africa we desire.”

The Accra campus, he explains, will nurture, mentor and fund the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Dr. Akindele added that every month starting July, the target is to aggregate US$1million in Ghana and US$10 million across 10 campuses on the continent to fund innovative ideas.

In the next five years, Unicorn also expects to fund 1000 companies in Ghana and create about a million jobs.

Unicorn works by providing education, training, mentorship, infrastructure, and long-term capital to entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage firms in the technology and technology-enabled sector through its ecosystem strategy.

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