FanMilk PLC increases investment

From left to right: Dakoa Newman, the MP for Okaikwei South; Ziobeieton Yeo, Managing Director of FanMilk Ghana; Dr. Charles Mensa, Board Chairman of FanMilk Ghana; Corine Tap, Danone President for Africa, Asia, Middle East; and Anne-Sophie Avé, French Ambassador to Ghana

…opens new office complex

FanMilk Plc, Ghana’s leading producer of nutritious and refreshing dairy-based food products, has increased its investments in Ghana with the opening of a new office complex among other on-going projects such as a new bio-mass boiler and solar systems.

Speaking in an interview following the opening of a new corporate head office in Accra, Commercial Director, Edwin Amoako said: “There are a number of projects that we are engaging with in the FanMilk space. Within the period, almost GH¢7million has been invested into projects – including a new bio-mass boiler, solar system for a more efficient and sustainable energy supply, as well as a new water treatment plant.

“All of these go to show that FanMilk PLC, as an organisation, continues to invest in Ghana and we are here for the long hall,” he added, noting that the company is directly impacting the lives of about 15,000 people on a daily basis, looking at the vendors.

New corporate office

The building project was executed in two phases – an initial structure that housed the sales department, and the recently finished phase which now houses the entire head office and brings the project to completion.

The two-storey building is located at the North Industrial Area in Accra, and comes fitted with state of the art co-working rooms, millennial-inspired brainstorm rooms, solo connectivity pods, facilities for group co-working, a recreational area, modern canteen, ‘hot desks’ and other modern communication facilities.

Managing Director of FanMilk Ghana Plc, Yeo Ziobeieton, speaking at the event said: “Today we are here to inaugurate this exciting new office as part of our ambition to build a stronger and more agile team, devoted every day to enriching the lives of millions of West Africans by making tasty, nutritious food available to all. This office will therefore go a long way to help our pursuit”.

According to Mr. Ziobeieton, the office is only the first step in many investments to come. Over the coming months, the company will also unveil major green projects at the factory.

“We are already at various completion stages of major developments to install a world-class waste-water treatment plant, a biomass boiler, and solar power installation. Together, these investments elevate Fan Milk PLC to being a clear leader in sustainable manufacturing, to deliver nutritious products for west African families while having a positive impact on our environment,” said Mr Yeo.

Fan Milk PLC has been in existence since 1962 and is currently engaged in the production and distribution of quality, refreshing milk and fruit-based products. The company is the leading player in the frozen yoghurt, frozen flavoured milks, and ice-cream categories with beloved brands like FanYogo, FanChoco, FanIce, SuperYogo and GoSlo. The company recently launched NutriDay, Ghana’s innovative fortified yoghurt developed to meet the growing demand for healthy nutrition that supports the immune system.

Commenting on the office-opening, Corine Tap – Danone’s President for Asia, Africa and theMiddle East said: “The global COVID-19 crisis revealed the powerful role that businesses like ours can play in society. This facility provides ample evidence of Danone’s commitment to local manufacturing and demonstrates our continuous desire to grow the business, impact society and invest in the economy and its people for the long-term”.

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