Samuel Boadu joins Priority Insurance as Social Media Manager


To be in the spotlight of the Social Media Management field, one needs to first clearly understand and showcase their USP. That is their Unique Selling Point. Their expertise must be authentically portrayed without toning the achievements down in any way. Their brand value and presence across various social media platforms, their distinct social proof and testimonials. Also, the attitude and behaviour of handling both the negative and positive scenarios prove the prowess.  Entrepreneur, Educational Consultant and Social Media Expert(Digital Marketer), Samuel Kwame Boadu was contracted by Priority Insurance Company Limited as their Social Media Manager(Digital Marketer).

An expert Social Media Manager is always on their toes to gain knowledge, learn and research about new Social Media trends. The experts not only do the above-mentioned thing, but they also put the learnt things into practice and make sure they experiment. This point is in relation to the first one. The experimentation helps the expert in creating their own unique and distinct strategic techniques for lead generation or any other specific goal. The expert always up-skills themselves and take on challenges that are even riskier and demanding than their previous expertise and experience.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is not only an expert in social media management but also an incredible persona in real life. In Ghana, the best digital marketing and social media management services are provided by SamBoad Media Consult Team, a subsidiary of his company SamBoad Business Group Limited which comprises of top Graphic Designers, Photographers/Videographers and Marketing Experts. Samuel Kwame Boadu is a young entrepreneur, bringing huge waves in the digital marketing and social media management scenes in Ghana.

According Mr. Salifu Abubakari , Head of Business Development and Marketing at Priority Insurance Company Limited, “Samuel Kwame Boadu with his team brings fresh ideas and strategy to the Priority Insurance Company family, having a strong background on social media as a senior manager and consultant in a reputable digital service companies and as a expert in Digital Marketing and Branding. His team will also cover services like production ,branding and Graphic Design”

Samuel Kwame Boadu was thrilled for this role, saying: “The digital landscape in business is rapidly changing, and I hope to help Priority Insurance Company Limited keep up with these changes and show our wonderful business and services to more people across the globe. I’m truly excited to share wonderful stories within this insurance space to our fans on the social space.”

Quite well respected both in and out of Ghana, Samuel Kwame Boadu was recently featured on Yahoo News, Thrive Global, Yahoo Lifestyle and other major news platforms works with corporate training, business strategies, custom workshops, business branding, social selling, brand development, and personal branding.


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