Redavia launches largest solar project in Ashanti


REDAVIA, a global market leader of cost-effective, reliable, and clean solar power for businesses, has launched its largest solar project to date with the installation of a 1.140 MWp solar plant at Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals, a local -owned pharmaceutical company in the Ashanti Region .

“I am thankful to the REDAVIA team for the tenacity and professionalism they showed leading a safe, successful installation and implementation,” said Mr. K. Amponsah Efah, Managing Director of Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals. “I am looking forward to a good business relationship for years to come.” He added at the handing over of the plant.

Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals, recently installed a new Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) System to control the climate inside its factory in Fumesua, Kumasi, more than tripling the company’s energy requirements, and, therefore, operation costs. Additionally, the company was concerned with maintaining its environmental management plan, under the approval of the Environmental Protection Authority of Ghana.

REDAVIA designed a multi-product solution, including the Fast Track Solar 80 Ground Mount (FTS-80GM) and the Fast Track Solar 40 Carport (FTS-40CP). At 1087.2 kWp, the Ground Mount provides the bulk of the solar generation, while the 52.8 kWp Carport provides affordable energy along with a premium aluminum carport to provide shading and protection of vehicles.

REDAVIA’s hybrid product solution solved both of Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals’ energy challenges, enabling the company to reduce its operational costs while also implementing clean energy. REDAVIA provided the installation and monitoring as a fully-financed, full-service offer, creating a smooth user experience that allows Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals to focus on its core business of manufacturing. The company already has plans to reinvest the savings it has made, scaling up production to grow its business.

Erwin Spolders, CEO & founder of REDAVIA, confirmed, “We are proud to have deployed our largest solar project to date at Amponsah Efah Pharmaceuticals, and we are looking forward to growing in partnership with them as they expand their business.”

REDAVIA is an industry leader in solar power offering energy solutions to accommodate the needs of its diverse clients. With a proven track record in cost-effective, reliable and clean energy, REDAVIA is committed to using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development.

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