Customs clampdown on smuggling and concealment at Tema Port


The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has vowed to clamp down on illegal smuggling and concealment of imported goods which arrive at Tema Port. This forms part of their commitment to combat importation of certain items which are prohibited due to economic and safety purposes.

The was against the backdrop of Customs officials in Tema uncovering three rifles concealed in a door-to-door consignment at Port Tema.

Revenue Officer Charles Okrah, who discovered the rifles during an examination, told the B&FT in an interview that the importer, who is currently at large, will be serve a seizure notice because he did not go through the right procedure – which is to acquire a permit from the Ministry of Interior – but chose to conceal the restricted rifles in other items.

“As examination officers, we examine every consignment that comes to the port to ensure that the same goods which were entered into Customs for evaluation purposes and duty payment are the same as we have found on the container. And per the law, Act 891, the rifles will be seized for further investigation,” he said.

He said safety of the general public is key, and they will continue to ensure that any restricted items are detained at the port and those found culpable will be dealt with.

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