Poetry Corner: It takes one 

Poetry Corner

It takes the streaming stylus

And the copious papyrus

Of one

To write the flowing lines

And it takes the readiness of all

Through their reading lenses

And their yearning faculties

To read between the lines


It takes one

To blaze a trail

It takes one

To set sail

For all to tread on the heels

Of that one

For all to prevail


It takes one

The vision of the pathfinder

To lead all

To their vision

To give all

A better vision of their mission


It takes one

The wise one

To move all

To rise up

And wise up

To move all

To befriend common sense


It takes one

The light of the bright one

For all

To shine so bright

For all

To think so right


It takes one

To create veritable abundance

For all

To share in the teeming abundance

For all

To enjoy plentiful sustenance


It takes only one

To trudge from zero to hero

It takes the total victory

Of only one hero

For all

To bask in the glory

Of the story from zero to hero


It takes one

The unflinching candour of one

The honest disposition of one

To shame all

To shame the dishonest posture of all

To prod the withered consciences of all


It takes one

The inspirational drive of one

To drive the motivation of all

To motivate the drive of all


It takes one

The foresight of the farsighted one

To unshackle the insight of all

To breed foresight

Into the sight

Of the shortsighted ones


It takes one

The selfless devotion of one

To kindle selflessness in all

To disperse selfishness in all


It takes one

One big heart

To contain the effusions

Of all

To avert a total conflagration

Of a nation


It takes one

The pain of one

To assuage the pain of all

To festoon the festering pain of all

To deaden to a numb


It takes one bad human nut

To make humanity all come to nought

To bring all human activity

To nothing


And yet it takes one

To drive all and sundry

All in the fatherland

To do something great

Something great for all

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