Corporate Poet Happy Father’s Day


A father is the breadwinner of the home

He provides the needs of the family

A father is the compass of the family

It is his direction that keeps things going

A father is a missile defense system

The family depends on his protection


A father is the pillar of the family

Everyone’s burden rests on him


A father is the originator of the home

It takes a father to start a family


A father is the mentor of the family

He is the role model for the children


A father is the authority of the home

It takes a father to maintain discipline


A father is the identity of the family

Without a father the family has no name


A father is the salt of the family

His presence always makes a difference


A father is the engine of the family

His efforts keeps the family moving


A father is the consultant of the home

A father’s advise is as good as gold


A father is the thermometer of the home

His status is the temperature of family


Fathers give emotional support at home

All heads do rest on the father’s shoulder


You’ll never lag and be sad when there is a dad to make you glad


It takes a father to gather us together

So that we can move further


Happy Father’s Day !

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