Italy to promote expertise in seeds, greenhouse technology and irrigation


Greenhouse farming is a thriving sector in Italy thanks to companies with decades of experience in providing cutting-edge greenhouse technologies and systems for the cultivation of horticultural products, including fruits and vegetables as well as flower crops.

Aside its greenhouse expertise, Italy is also a global powerhouse in seed innovation and production as well as sustainable farm water and irrigation technologies.

As Ghana aims to boost agricultural productivity to increase output and incomes, the need to deploy modern seeds, greenhouse and irrigation technologies is critical, as this will result in more efficient agriculture and help transform the entire sector.

Through the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), Italy stands ready to introduce its technologies and specialized companies in these areas to players along Ghana’s agribusiness value chain and to also transmit valuable know-how to Ghana.

In furtherance of this, ITA will on June 22 organize virtual B2B meetings between Italian and Ghanaian agribusiness companies under the Ghana-Italy Agribusiness Digital Lab project. The meetings will be hosted on a dedicated portal,, where interested Ghanaian agribusiness firms can register for participation.

The following companies specializing in seeds, greenhouse technology and irrigation will be participating in the virtual B2B session:


 Berries & Breeding Molari

Molari Berries & Breeding, which describes itself as one brand with two souls, is an Italian company focused on high quality berries plants and a world recognized breeding program.

The company’s flagship product is raspberries, in addition to blues and blacks. Molari also holds international patents for the Enrosadira®, Castion® and Aurora® varieties, as well as the new varieties Halley and Dorotea.

Thanks to cutting-edge research and development methods, Molari Berries & Breeding has been able to build a highly recognized global reputation, driven by its goal to connect every dot of the berries supply chain, from distribution to growers.


Greenhouses Idromeccanica Lucchini SPA

This company is a leader in the production of greenhouses covered in plastic material for horticulture and floriculture, complete with the most advanced irrigation and heating systems with computerized control.

Founded in Northern Italy, an area with a strong tradition in horticulture and floriculture, the company has been executing projects in the field of greenhouses production for over 70 years and exports its products to several countries across the world.

Idromeccanica’s greenhouse innovations for agriculture and floriculture tell a lot about the brand, such as its attention to detail, passion for quality, and outstanding customer care.

Greenhouses and everything that is delivered by the company are strictly controlled by the quality control office, with the materials used 100 percent made in Italy.


Irritec irrigation systems

The Irritec Group, established in 1974, is among the world leading companies in precision irrigation. Irritec designs, manufactures and distributes complete irrigation systems, with a mission to improve the efficiency of agriculture and gardening.

Global water scarcity and growing food demand require the use of drip irrigation, the most efficient irrigation method allowing reduced consumption of water, energy, fertilizers and pesticides, and producing healthier and higher yields.

Irritec designs, manufactures and distributes products and complete irrigation systems for all applications. With 14 branches and over 800 employees, Irritec has production and commercial sites in Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Senegal, Spain, and USA.

Irritec is committed to spreading the water-saving awareness through know-how transfer. In developing countries drip irrigation can contribute to the achievement of food security and economic development. Thus, Irritec Academy is a training program which includes specific pilot projects for developing countries aimed at creating local irrigation experts and spreading the water-saving technology among agricultural communities.

Irritec expertise and innovation have been acknowledged by international awards, recently with the #Agrifuture prize from “Santa Chiara Lab” by the University of Siena in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome, the Italian Commissioner General’s Office of Expo 2020 Dubai. Irritec is an active member of the UN Global Compact and participated in the 2020 Edition of the “E-Africa Business Lab” program. 

Luigi Floridia Electric starters

Luigi Floridia – Electric starters is into the design and production of electro-mechanical and electronic controllers for starting and commanding electric motors that are used on electro-pumps and other industrial automation.

Thanks to its dedicated research for innovation and cutting-edge devices, the company holds a prominent position both nationally and internationally in the domain of electric and
electronic automation, which has allowed it to do business with partners in 64 nations from all over the world.

With ISO 9000:2015 and IQNet certifications, thanks to the quality of its production processes, Luigi Floridia provides every customer with reliability and affordability on its tailored products that are uniquely shaped to customers’ requirements.

The company has a design wing devoted to constantly enhancing its equipment and developing new prototypes with the aim of marketing leading-edge products that can challenge any competitor all over the world.

Luigi Floridia is service-ready with its excellent team tasked to ensure both pre-sales and after-sales customer satisfaction, with quick response time and prompt availability of technicians and consultants, who are also able to offer remote assistance to clients. 

Automated nurseries Urbinati S.r.l.

Urbinati Srl designs and manufactures modular systems for the automation and mechanization of horticultural, forest and floral nurseries.

The company has the vision of seeing “automation and mechanization in all nurseries in the world” and currently exports to over 95 countries.

Urbinati proposes customized technical solutions for nurseries for the following phases: sowing, automatic and manual transplanting, filling (pots and trays), irrigation, germination, trays washing, handling, labeling, and trimming.

All the above companies will showcase their expertise and technologies, as well as explore potential business relationships with Ghanaian agro-related enterprises, during the Ghana-Italy Agribusiness Digital Lab on June 22. It is an opportunity not to be missed by the Ghanaian agribusiness sector.

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