Corporate Poet: I want Fresh Air


Open the windows very wide

Fold the curtains to one side

Let all carbon dioxide go outside

And let fresh oxygen come inside

It will make the room smell good

And prevent the growth of molds

It will keeps bacteria away from us

And give us a healthy new beginning

I want fresh air !


I was standing at the road side

Waiting for my turn to cross the road

I saw some vehicles coming to pass

With thick smoke from the exhaust pipes

For a moment I could  not see clearly

As the smoke filled the atmosphere

I was as blind as a bat

As I stood struggling to breath

I want fresh air !


There is a great factory behind my house

They manufacture products to sell

They produce lots of chemical vapours

And their machines make a lot of noise

They pour out huge smoke into the air

And always contribute to global warming

They need to change their technology

And control the carbon emissions

So that the air will be clean

I want fresh air !


There is a refuse dump near my house

They always burn refuse after refuse

Nearby houses are filled with smoke

Smoke is always knocking at our doors

Not all refuse deserve to be burnt

Some can be recycled and reused

But all complains fall on deaf ears

I want fresh air !


There is a need for new legislation

And a new way to enforce regulation

We cannot sit down unconcern

Polluted air is a sword at our throat

Polluted air brings polluted health

I want fresh air !

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