Poetry Corner: Waste mismanagement

Poetry Corner

The hour hand of the clock

Had sent everyone to sleepland

Oh nature had called at an odd hour

A call he must honour

At an hour he did not suspect … he received nature’s call

At a place he did not respect … he answered nature’s call

He looked back at the call

that sent him out that hour

See where you fall … in the free zone of putrefaction

Shame how you fall … like a product of incubation

He played the game of shame

He named this shame … the game with a name

… open defecation


The eyes of onlookers were looking on

Oh this his pissing pastime

He looked right and left

He chose to do it right there … on their left side

Hei he pissed

He pissed onlookers off

He passed by onlookers’ eyes … but pissed in their midst

He wasn’t a loner … so he realized

She was on his side

Spraying the wee wee as she pissed .. pissing everyone off

Pushing every eye off … to see no evil

Parting every covering clothing .. pissing everyone off

Squatting into a bowlegged pose

Spurting and spilling as she rose

Squinting at those who admired her pose





The siblings who conspired to split his side with a spit

MPSS used to lie in chesty throaty quietness

Now they quickened quite a mouthful of spit

Now they disintegrated to force him a spit

A temptation he did not refuse a bit

.. he did not resist to spit

He spit to forfeit a dignity..in the streets

He spit to spew indignity.. unto those in fleet


His nose nosed around to pick dust that rose unsettled

And then the dust settled in his nose

He picked the dust from his nose

He picked his nose of the dust dose … from his nose unto his forefinger

And on his forefinger it lingered … and lingered

Till he delivered it in a handshaking galore


Once upon a litter box

We posted our litter in a box

Once again at a litter box

He posted his litter on a spot

He dared to litter late into the gutter

He read the weather for a pouring rain

For a chance to litter in chains… now and again

Once a sight upon a litter box

Now a litter box unsighted on site

He dared to wait for a fine in his letter box

For a day at the law court

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