Model House LA redefines success for social media stars


Model House LA breaks down their winning idea When you’re an influencer, it’s easy to get caught up in metrics of your success like likes and comments.

However, maybe there’s more to being an entrepreneur than simply getting attention this way. Model House Los Angeles is a collective of influencers that are working to move beyond and try something new.

When you’re isolated, sometimes your online audience is all you can count on. Being an influencer is a weird job, and many people in your life probably don’t understand it. That’s why many influencers, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs have turned to Model House Los Angeles. “We encourage all of our talents to work together and lift each other up,” said Founder Myles Kronman. “It’s much easier to break out of the mold when you have other people like you to help.” For example, Model House LA includes photographers, models, YouTubers, makeup artists, athletes, and designers. A YouTuber might ask a makeup artist to show her the newest makeup techniques, or an Instagram star could get a photographer to take pictures of him/her. “It’s all about the collective. That leads our members and clients to success.”

Influencers should also focus on leveraging their influence. This means using their influence to do great things and reach exciting people. “If you don’t use your platform to meet new people, make money, and try new things, what’s the point?” asked Kronman. “You need to find ways to promote your skills and use them to create.” You might be able to do much more with your audience than you expect, like book a dream trip or meet one of your favorite celebrities. “You never know until you try.”

While likes and comments are one way to see success as an influencer, the clients at Model House Los Angeles have found so much more, and they can’t wait to share it with the world.

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