Kandifo Institutes congratulates Dr. Tsidoe-Darko as new head of Danquah Institute


The Executive Director of Kandifo Institute, Palgrave Boakye-Danquah has congratulated Dr. Antionette Tsidoe-Darko on becoming the Executive Director of Danquah Institute.

“I am very pleased to send my warmest congratulations on your appointment as the Executive Director Danquah Institute. I wish you much success in your new post and look forward to working with you to develop our country, Ghana,” a message from Mr. Boakye-Danquah said.

Dr. Antionette Tsiboe-Darko is the first ever female to take up the position of the Executive Director since the Institute was established in 2007.  She takes over from her predecessor, Richard Ahiagbah and promotes the ideology of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition which is to foster responsible and responsive governance and espouse the virtues of economic freedom, individual liberties and responsibilities in a progressive society of opportunities for all.

As part of her mandate, Dr. Tsiboe-Darko, who is a social development analyst, is expected to undertake important research, policy advocacy and training and also to position the Institute firmly in the promotion of a single market in Africa. She is also to actively seek out and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Tsiboe Darko has carried out research works in natural resource management, social protection, decentralization, gender and agriculture, social protection, volunteering and philanthropy among other areas. Within civil society, she has worked with organizations like STAR Ghana Foundation, Partnership for African Social and Governance Research, UNICEF and World Vision Ghana which focuses on training programs, facilitation of stakeholder dialogues, grants evaluation and community research projects.

She has over 10 years of experience in providing expert consultancy services in social development, natural resource management and social interventions in communities that are endowed with natural resources.

She serves on several boards which includes the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in Ghana; the Committee for Volunteer Infrastructure in Ghana and the Heritage and Culture Society of Ghana; and the Committee for Volunteer Infrastructure in Ghana. She did a research in 2016 and 2020 on how social development issues influence voter choices in Ghana. She has undertaken projects in some mining communities in Ghana.

She has a wealth of experience in administrative and managerial skills that makes her unparalleled. Over the years, she has worked and researched in the development of natural resources in Ghana and Burkina Faso and has undertaken community sensitization exercises in the mining and oil sectors.

She is a woman who is passionate about sustenance and the recreation of enthusiasm for the Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Heritage and volunteers on a number of platforms working in these areas. A woman who is determined to help guide the youth from following political parties for direct material gain to one ideological loyalty, a loyalty that is based on principles and shared beliefs on how our Ghanaian society must be governed and function. Just as she has been able to excel in all the areas of her, we know and trust that she is going to excel in this new position as well and will deliver as its expected of her.

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