Sakumono Golf caddies want support to develop skills


Some young caddies of the Celebrity Golf Club at Sakumono in the Tema West municipality are calling for commitment to their development to help promote golf talents in the country. To them, developing their skills is essential through mentorship programmes and contributions to caddies scholarship, a need to expand their knowledge base to becoming professional golfers.

Enock Yaw Kudoglo, one of the young caddies, lamented to the B&FT in an interview that lack of support is hindering them to achieving their dream of becoming professional golfers in the future. “Golf is an interesting game and some of the caddies wants to grow up to become professional golfers and we need support but the support is not coming from anywhere so it makes it very hard for us to achieve our goals,” he said.

He said they need scholarship and also golf sets to play in competitions. “If I have a sponsor who buy my golf sets and I do not prove it on the field then that means I am going to lose my sponsor or supporter, so I have to prove it to attract more sponsors and other children to become golfers like me,” he added.

Prince Daniel, another caddy who is now a photographer, said he had been a caddy for four years but had to take up a different profession in 2020 due to lack of support.

Evans Abbey, a caddy since 2014, want a golf school established in Sakumono, similar to that of Achimota Golf School in order to attract more youth as well as unearth talents into the game.

“We want to be like some Ghanaian professional golfers, and there are great talents in the area, so if a golf school is built in the area, it will bring to bear many talents and in addition would have direct access in adding value to our golf abilities,” he added.

The caddies stressed that their roles form an integral fabric of golf, hence the need to be supported to help improve the fortunes of the game in Ghana. “Without caddies they will not be able to locate their balls, we teach them how to play well or go this direction, so we are helping them,” they said.

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