Corporate Poet: Save our water bodies


Aw !  Aw!  Aw!  Our rivers are dying !

The once beautiful sparkling water

Is now dirty, polluted and useless

The once clean and drinkable water

Is now contaminated and poisonous

Aquatic life is gradually dying slowly

Our source of water is gradually going


Aw !  Aw!  Aw!  Our lagoons are bleeding !

Once surrounded by a canopy of trees

And guided by thick green vegetation

Is left to dry at the hands of deforestation

The deep waters are becoming shallow

The wide waters are becoming narrow

Our water bodies are crying for mercy


Aw !  Aw!  Aw!  Our lakes are crying !

Our waters are now the refuse dumps

A receptacle for different kinds of waste

Unlawful, untreated and unplanned waste

From solid, liquid and human waste

Islands of rubbish beginning to appear

Our great tourist attraction is no more !


Aw !  Aw!  Aw!  Our streams are crying !

Illegal miners have invaded the waters

Armed with equipments and chemicals

Searching for gold and precious stones

They dig, cut and destroy without mercy

They let their poisonous chemicals out

Water bodies are choking on their knees

Our waters are shouting for help !


We need water to drink and quench thirst

We need water to prepare our good meals

We need water to bath, clean and wash

We need water to prepare our medicines

We need water to cool our car engines

We need water to generate steam

We need water to quench burning fire

Etc etc etc


The uses of water uncountable !

We need water to survive !

Save our water bodies !

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