Abena Brigidi on YLeaderBoard Series: the story of the fiery investment banker


Ghana’s number one urban radio station, Y107.9FM, has had an interview with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nimed Capital, Abena Buachiwaa Brigidi to premiere the fourth season of the Y Leaderboard Series segment on the ‘Myd Morning Radio Show’(MMRS).

The Chief Executive Officer of Nimed Capital in a conversation with Rev. Erskine on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 narrated her riveting story as a celebrated investment banker.

The investment analyst who grew up in a family of 63 shared that growing up in such a large family taught her to stand up for herself. “I was born into a huge family; we’re 63 in number. And growing up, I had to defend myself from my brothers and that taught me how to stand up for myself in the outside world,” she stated.

Besides this lesson of defending herself, Abena intimated that her alma mater Achimota School taught her the importance of discipline.

Speaking on how she nurtured the love for the financial sector, Abena Buachiwaa Brigidi stated that former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor was one of the people she looked up to growing up.

Abena Buachiwaa who worshipped with the then governor at the Roman Ridge assembly of the Assemblies of God church shared, “at the time all the money we spent in the country had his signature on it and in my mind, he was my hero.”

She disclosed that Dr. Duffuor’s humility always overwhelmed her and that made her look up to him more. “Anytime I saw this man, I was overwhelmed with his humility and how soft-spoken he was. He was my icon. He was everything.”

Fast-forward to today, Abena is one of the leading investment analysts in the country who is very passionate about financial literacy among the youth and Ghanaians at large.

During her interview with Rev. Erskine, she used the opportunity to advise. “Every Ghanaian has the ability to invest but procrastination is what is keeping everyone from attaining financial independence. For you to be able to create wealth, you need to be able to plan, you need to be disciplined, you need to have information and also you need to monitor. Without discipline, you can never be a millionaire’’.

As a family-oriented career woman, however, Abena encouraged women who want to be like her never to sacrifice their family for their career or vice versa.  “You cannot say you want to sacrifice career over family or sacrifice family for your career. You’ve got to balance it and that is what I did,” she added.

Programmes Manager of YFM Accra, Eddy Blay, speaking on this first interview of the fourth season said: “We couldn’t have come this far without the support of the leaders who were willing to inspire the youth to reach their potential. For that, we are grateful.”

Eddy Blay expressed his gratitude to Calbank, MTN and Kasapreko Choco malt for sponsoring the fourth season of the Y Leaderboard series.

You come up with a concept, but it takes others to believe in your concept and support you in various ways to help give meaning and life to the concept. I am grateful to Calbank, MTN and Kasapreko Chocomalt for believing in the Y Leaderboard series and sponsoring it. Together we are inspiring the Ghanaian youth,” he said.

The ‘Y Leaderboard Series’ is a segment with the objective to develop the youth and provide inspiration to listeners by hosting leaders and achievers in various industries in Ghana and beyond. The fourth season like the other three promises an unparalleled array of guests with inspiring stories to share with the teeming youth base of YFM.

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