ARB urges Akuapem Rural Bank to become centre-piece of RCBs

DOK Owusu, President-Association of Rural Bank, Ghana

The Association of Rural Bank, Ghana has urged the board and management of Akuapem Rural Bank to pursue sustainable operations and profitability in order to consolidate its impact on the rural banking industry after 40 years of existence.

The Association has emphasised that achieving this in the most efficient and effective manner will among others further propel Akuapem Rural Bank to become the centre-piece and reference point for rural banking in the coming years.

The National President, Association of Rural Banks-Ghana, Mr. DOK Owusu, recognised that the Bank has demonstrated its commitment to the ideals of rural banking to attain positive impact over the years.

Speaking at the launch of the bank’s 40th anniversary celebration at Akropong-Akuapem, the President of the Association said for the bank to survive within a novelty concept of rural banking requires ingenious, tactful and selfless persons to promote the concept.

The formidable foundation laid by the founding Directors has been the trump-card and institutional value for successive boards and management to leverage sustainable and successful operations of the Akuapem Rural Bank.

This propelled the bank to win prestigious awards, which include CIMG Rural Bank in Ghana (1992); Ghana Club 100 membership in 2003; Best Rural Bank in the Eastern Region also in 2013; and Best Rural Bank in Ghana in 2014. Also, the bank – about four years ago, was adjudged the Most Compliant Rural Bank.

In the area of corporate social responsibility, the bank has financed projects to support education and health at some of its six agencies and two mobilisation centres of operation.

In view of these developments, Mr. Owusu on behalf of ARB lauded Akuapem Rural Bank, particularly acknowledging their decades of impact on the rural banking industry.

“The ARB is very proud of the Akuapem Rural Bank for its pivotal role played in promoting growth and development of the rural banking industry in general, and providing quality banking services to improving the standard of living for the people in its catchment areas in particular.

“The ARB further appreciably recognises the invaluable contributions by all stakeholders in bringing Akuapem Rural Bank to its present prestigious status,” he said.

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