Poetry Corner: Away from a doom Source 

Poetry Corner

When the lights are let out

When Electricity Comes and Goes

When it’s Either Candle or Generator

It’s a grim message to dim our lights

But here is a sunny message of light

Presented beautifully by mother-nature

So to dim an energy crisis

…and prices


Energy is from everything

From the fire…it burst forth

For thousands of years and more

From the Stone Age…caves warmed with fires

From the Stone Age…fires kept burning for years

From raw wood to charcoal to a hot flame

Energy comes from different vanes

So let there be light


Natural motion of wind and water

Gleaned from untrained ancient minds

Harnessed natural forces to do some heavy work

Working to grind grain

Lifting to raise a building to the roof

Transporting to move people and goods

All weaned from blowing wind and flowing water

So let there be light


Energy is needed everywhere

Whether in plants or for animals

Whether in trees or for human beings

Whether to live and to thrive

Energy from nature helps them grow and survive

So let there be light


Behind everything that happens

Is energy that changes from one form to another

Behind everything that is created

Is the energy that made it happen

Behind everything that is destroyed

Is the energy needed to make it happen

So let there be light


Wind blowing and water flowing

Are visible examples of natural energy

But from the sun came that energy, originally

The wind that turns the sails of a windmill

The sails of a sailing boat that fills

Are caused by the sun’s heat unto earth

The rain that falls from the sky

Was once ocean and lake and river

…water that evaporated back into the atmosphere

All because of the sun’s energy

So let there be light


The sun provides heat and light for all to feel and see

The sun provides all the energy the earth receives

Without the energy that reaches the earth through space

There would be no plant, no animal

No life in place

So let there be light


Energy from most alternative sources

…such as wind energy

Comes from the sun, originally

The sun’s energy stored in plants millions of years ago

Is released when fossil fuels are burned to get things going

So let there be light


Coal and oil and natural gas

Make up fossil fuels

Fossil fuels foist their own full foibles

Once burned they cannot be used again

…they run out

Gases emitted by fossil fuels pollute the earth

But let there be light


Hydroelectric energy

Geothermal energy

Wind energy

And solar energy

…are all renewable

They will never run out

No matter how long time spans out

So let there be light…always


Solar power has the brightest story to tell

When sunlight hits the special chemical in a solar cell

Electrical potential energy is produced

A large number of cells wired together

Provide all the energy needed forever

Then it becomes possible to use solar power on earth

As an alternative source of energy

As an affordable means to energy

So let there be light


Stay away from a doom source…from power cuts

Stay connected to an alternative energy source…solar source

Don’t ask in the dark for energy and power

Don’t burn in the heat in the midst of clean sunny power

Solve it with Solar Power

A-n-d  t-h-e-r-e  w-a-s  l-i-g-h-t


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