“Self-doubt is the death of productivity and fruition of wonderful ideas,” Says Sunil Mcrewer


A person really can be their own worst enemy. You might have a great framework in place and amazing goals or ideas, but if you have self-doubt, it’s going to bring everything to a screeching halt. As per Instagram star Sunil Mcrewer, there are practical ways to overcome self-doubt to get you in a productive mindset. Let’s delve.

Find Supportive People

Like-minded people are important in every aspect of your life. Sunil Mcrewer shares, “If you have self-doubts, find a supportive network that can boost your confidence. This can be a group of peers, colleagues, or even a life coach.” Just remember, look for honest people who will not throw sunshine your way just to make you feel better. Find people who will help you through your mental blocks.


If you are not 100% sure of what you want to achieve, confusion will lead to self-doubt. Be crystal clear with yourself and with others. “Write everything down, make a video, create an outline, anything that will eliminate any questions of confusion. You might even realize that your plan isn’t as complete as you thought,” adds Sunil.

Forgive Yourself

Individuals are usually their worst critics. You must practice self-compassion and forgive yourself for mistakes. Instead of dwelling on the past, learn from it. We are human; we all fail at one time or another. Sunil Mcrewer elaborates, “What matters is what we take away from failure. Remember your achievements and the things that have gone right in your life. And remember, errors can be opportunities in disguise.”

Find Validation from Within Not Outside

You can’t please everyone. While some people might love your ideas, others might not think it’s so great. Discussing ideas with people can be beneficial, but it can be equally destructive. Constructive criticism is one thing; outright dismissal is another. Instead of listening to others, listen to yourself. “Self-validation is the key to success, and if you don’t have faith in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you?” questions Sunil Mcrewer.

When it comes to the business world, mindset is everything. You must conquer self-doubt before you can conquer your goals. Stop being your harshest critic and start being kind to yourself.


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