Ian Prukner Shares 3 Reasons to Put People ahead of Profits in a Business


Business development leader, author, coach, and investor, Ian Prukner, has always had the mindset of people over profits. This has allowed him to thrive in multiple ventures in a variety of sectors. Rather than focusing on financials, numbers, and data which are all important, he recommends pouring leadership resources into your employees. Here Prukner shares 3 reasons why you should prioritize people over profits.

Increase Overall Performance

Leaders understand that the performance of a company comes down to how they can lead their team to enhance company performance. When you invest into company leadership, and put people first, it has a tremendous impact on the bottom line of the organization. If your team is motivated, happy, and enthusiastic in the work environment, their performance will be measurably better than those who feel undervalued. Simply put,, profits increase when you put people first.

Create Better Company Culture

A company’s best assets are its people. When you have a people first culture, you begin to attract and retain higher quality  team members that are going to pour in their talents into the organization. This kind of culture is driven by alignment- when we not only speak out but live out our values, beliefs, standards, and attitudes. When team members are focused on living  the company culture it creates an incredible sense of loyalty from both customers and employees. We create the culture and the culture creates the results.

Sustainable success

The Best way to get the most out of people is to treat them good and to let them know they’re valued. People simply work harder and longer when they feel like they are part of something meaningful. when people understand the mission they’re working towards and the impact that their efforts make , not just on their peers  and their company but  in the lives of the clients they serve and  the world at large  empowers them to take pride in their work. when people feel like their work is important and that they are making a difference they stay in your organization. Companies that prioritize people over profit end up becoming  more profitable than ever and have been proven to dominate the marketplace – all by simply putting people first.

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