How to Maximize Your Potential in the Digital Space, as per Francis Volpe


A majority of businesses have an online presence today. Traditional advertising and marketing have been replaced with digital formats, making it critical for a business to have a digital footprint. Whether this is through social media accounts or an ambitious digital marketing campaign, online advertising is essential for a company now. If you aren’t sure where to start, Francis Volpe has some simple yet effective advice.

This New York native founded ‘Y Not You Media’ in 2018. Volpe set it apart from other digital marketing agencies by focusing on customized attention-grabbing content for each client. This strategy has proven to be very successful and earned this 27-year-old a reputation as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in New York. If your organization needs to enhance its brand on social media, start with these tips.

  1. Dive Deep

Volpe is successful because his agency has a personal and comprehensive process of designing successful campaigns for clients. As a business, you should create content that brings out your brand’s personality and make each post unique to your company. The goal is to set yourself apart, and you need to get a little personal to achieve this. After all, you want to tell the world who you are.

  1. Know Your Audience

Once you have identified what type of content you want to post, identify your audience. The aim is to attract customers that are looking for your product or services. Post value-added content that specifies what you can do for clients and why you are better at this than your competitors. Your content needs to answer questions that have not yet been asked.

  1. Relationships

Successful business relations are like any other relationship. They need to be built and maintained. Great content allows you to build a relationship with people before they are customers. Social media’s nature enables you to interact with customers in ways that were not possible till a few years ago. Remember to showcase professionalism and good customer service in every interaction; how a potential client is treated resonates with the global audience.

  1. Old Values, New Techniques

Volpe feels that another element of his success is how ‘Y Not You Media’ incorporates modern and traditional business practices. The goals of advertising and marketing are the same, but the execution is very different. Instead of achieving these goals through print, radio, and television, they are carried out on a dynamic digital landscape. While a company doesn’t need a degree in computer science to run an effective social media campaign, staying up to date on social media trends is critical to success.

  1. Be Bold

If you are going to set your brand apart and draw attention to your company, you have to be bold. Creative thinking and spending time in planning your content will take your organization further than you realize. And bold doesn’t have to be daring or controversial; it can be something simple yet memorable that will make your post hard to forget.

If you are trying to amplify your company’s digital footprint, start with these strategies and gauge the results. If you aren’t gaining any traction, go back to the drawing board and try a new approach. This process will keep you from repeating the same mistakes and lets you re-evaluate your campaign with fresh eyes. As Francis Volpe puts it, look at your failures as an educational opportunity, and they will be worth it.

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