Poetry Corner: I had you loving me 


As my world faded away into yesterday

The world began to hear my story

When they heard my story

All is what they heard

They heard…how my heart travelled many hearts

They heard…why I travelled in my mind into many hearts

My heart remembers and sighs


Soon they said;

Some hearts are a chip off hot diamonds

Some hearts are of a golden mould

Some hearts are carved out of stone

Some hearts are sealed in steel

All of these turned my eyes blind for love

All of these made a million sweethearts

But only l could own a heart

My heart remembers and sighs


Soon you will know;

No need to dream to tune to a heart of love

Soon you will know how to love a heart

Ask and you will be given a key to this heart of mine

Knock and my heart will open for another glance at you

Seek and a heart will smile a chance at you

My heart remembers this and chimes


Soon there was a heart close to mine;

I kept my heart open to love

Just to search a heart of love

I left my heart beeping to love

Just to keep a heart for love

Now my heart knew the way to your heart

My heart still remembers the way


Soon I knew;

The wilder your heartbeat the sweeter your love

And when I had the chance to say I love you

I vowed to bow to the chance in a trance

I bowed to a heart at the first glance

My heart remembers this and smiles


Soon you touched;

You touched me in my heart

Deep inside where love is

You loved me with all my faults

Your faults neither touched where love is

My heart remembers this and is touched


So you loved;

Anyone who ever loved from a heart

Could see how much a love filled a heart

Each time I thought your heart had nothing more to give

You took me a heart higher

My heart remembers this and loves


Then the wrap up;

A heart wrapped arms around me

A heart let out love to surround me

A heart snuggled up closer and beckoned

My heart remembers and reckons


“If only I had a heartache”

You would soon bury it

You would soon hide me

Before telling the world how your heart found me

My heart still remembers this and sighs


When I go to sleep

And I don’t get to sleep

I don’t count sheep

I count the many times our hearts slipped into each other

Deep in our sleep

My heart forever remembers this and beeps a beat


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