A Bold Outlook Helps Kelsey Kaplan Stand Out in the Crowd


According to Orbit Media, there are over 30 million bloggers saturating cyberspace, and Lexington Law found that 91% of Millennials prefer to shop online. Considering this, fashion influencers are a dime a dozen these days. It takes a bold outlook and a lot of confidence to stand out from the crowd and be successful in the space. Kelsey Kaplan created her brand, Kelsey Kaplan Fashion, in 2013, with the drive, vision, patience, and perseverance to gain recognition and stay in the spotlight. Her winning perspective is that “confidence is the best accessory of them all.”

A Passion for Fashion and Color

Kelsey was “born with a passion for fashion and color.” She recalls how she enjoyed dressing herself ever since she was a little girl. Creativity and love of color run in the family, as her grandfather was an artist who worked with pastels and watercolors. His craft greatly influenced her appreciation for color and how it can make people happy. She has fondly memories from her childhood helping a family friend stock her clothing store. She even participated in fashion shows to showcase items from the childrenswear department. Today, she takes immense pleasure in creating dynamic ensembles for herself and always hopes that her creations can spark some joy in others.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Kelsey’s daily experiences and stage in life inspire her choices in fashion. Whether it’s admiring a colorful piece of art, patterns, textures, and/or fabrics in her home, visiting a new place, or becoming a mother, she looks forward to creating colorful ensembles regularly. Kelsey enjoys mixing unexpected garments together to create what she refers to as an “outfit masterpiece.” She describes her style as being “hardly cookie-cutter or practical.” She believes that more is better and that high heels are always a good idea. She will always choose the sequin-covered, ruffle-adorned top over a solid white T-shirt. Regardless of what she puts on, she always reminds herself that “confidence is the best accessory of all.”

Dressing With Confidence

The biggest success and proudest moment that Kelsey Kaplan recalls was when ABC7 filmed a “Dressing With Confidence” TV segment from her home office. It was the ultimate compliment that a reputable television network like ABC chose her as a host and narrator. It was also a challenging endeavor. It was Kelsey’s responsibility to coordinate looks, find models, secure the featured clothing items, and perform other miscellaneous tasks to set the “stage.” Seeing her efforts come to fruition live on a major network was very gratifying. It gave her credibility and therefore more appealing to other media outlets. Shortly after the segment aired, she was invited to Univision14 to appear as a guest on the ever-popular morning show, Despierta Area de la Bahia. Shortly after that she was featured during the morning show on the Bay Area radio station, 99.7NOW.

Recognizing True Potential

As a lover of color, Kelsey Kaplan gets pleasure out of inspiring her readers to add a splash (big or small) of color to their wardrobes. She recognizes her unique ability to inspire readers to add color to their personal styles and feel confident while doing it.


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