The big question for Nigerian organisations!


Sadly, it is on record that as people, we do procrastinate and delay in making a positive impact; it may be that individually and collectively we may think we are not good enough, smart enough or rich enough!

Nigeria has citizens making a positive impact globally and I believe it is not so hard considering there’s a lot to do out there that can and should be people-centred and purpose driven.

Yet, the big question remains WHY do most organisations (public and private; for profit and not for profit) in Nigeria remain largely unprofessional in code of conduct, Organisational culture and people management?

This is a problem that I have been losing sleep over!

I realise as a Nigerian so often, it happens that I encounter things that are against my values and positive mindset. For a long time I have taken a stand against what I believe to be wrong. Presently, I am taking it higher by standing up and defending Professionalism Training for Organisations.  Yes, I have questioned myself severally and wonder out loud if it will work! Will the world see a difference in Nigeria? Can I really do this?

Only time will tell. Training is very important to establish proper procedure in the workplace as well as reform an inefficient workforce that is not up to professional standard of what a workplace should be.

I want Nigerian organisations to take the lead in being the CHANGE we seek: in our society, our workplaces and our nation as this will enhance business performance for our organisations and workplaces.

I have chosen to deliberately address the Nigerian problem as most of our public and some private organisations are suffering from a lack of professionalism.

I assist CEOs, Business Owners, Heads of Industry and their teams to change from a negative organisational culture, grow from mediocrity and profit successfully with professionalism development and soft skills training.

The BIG question remains : Will Nigerian Organisations join me in making Nigeria a positive and professional society beginning with their workplaces?

A brief profile of Ifeyinwa Chime

Ifeyinwa Chime is a certified MBA graduate from a top Welsh University in the United Kingdom, graduating with a dissertation distinction in Human Resource Management with focus on Employee Learning and Organisational Strategy. She has been privileged to work for some of the best multinational companies in the last 20 years; starting her work experience with  a student internship in Shell Petroleum Nigeria then a graduate internship with the Central Bank of Nigeria moving on to employment positions in Intercontinental Bank Plc, Vodafone Telecommunications UK, Halifax Bank of Scotland and Oando Marketing PLC, Nigeria.

Presently she trains and consults at The Positive Professional Training Company which is a consulting and training firm that  helps organisations and SMEs structure positive change & Professionalism for sustainable growth and profitability through training.

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WhatsApp: +234 705 765 3366

Email: [email protected]

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