HighLine Classics Uses Transparency to Attract a Massive Following


Businesses worldwide have had to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to multinational firm, Price Waterhouse Cooper in a recent survey, 70% of respondents said the pandemic negatively affected their business. While many companies are looking at restructuring their existing processes and expanding into other areas, others are simply trying to cope. HighLine Classics, a restoration and custom build mechanic shop, (@highlineclassics) and (www.HighLineClassics.com) seems to be an exception to the issue. The business has seen a massive amount of growth during the pandemic, and it may be due to some rather unorthodox factors affecting demand on the market.

Broad Reach through Social Media

HighLine Classics fully maximized its social media presence. The shop that specializes in rebuilding and restoring Ford Broncos, utilizes both Facebook and Instagram to connect with its clients. When the company first started, it built its social media empire through regular posting, resulting in a handful of new visitors weekly. Slowly, their reputation grew. And now, they have a massive 100K + follower base. The team’s interaction is genuine, says owner Josh Dougherty, and they’ve reached out to those commenting on the company’s posts to help them. Unlike other restoration shops, HighLine Classics doesn’t hide its business processes, and this openness and transparency have garnered them a massive following.

Alternative Spending Option

Another benefit HighLine Classics has seen from the pandemic, is the additional income their clients have to spend. Without the ability to travel and enjoy other luxury experiences, Dougherty says they’ve seen an increase in sales. Their audience is primarily individuals who already own one or more classic or exotic vehicles, says Dougherty. These individuals are also often entrepreneurs, CEOs, or business executives with a little extra cash to spend. The reputation the shop already had alongside its hundreds of thousands of followers played a significant part in them seeing so much new business over the pandemic period.

Reputation Counts

HighLine Classics’ reputation for craftsmanship also worked to help them during the pandemic. Where other car dealerships and restoration shops would need to schedule visits from their buyers, HighLine Classics didn’t have that problem. Many of their buyers were already familiar with their work, thanks to social media. With the company being one of the top five Ford Bronco shops in the world, it’s easy to build trust with consumers without requiring a face-to-face meeting. This reputation ensured they could do restorations and upgrades on older vehicles and send them off to clients without the buyer ever needing to set foot in the shop. This lack of customer interaction was crucial in maintaining the company’s health during the pandemic period.

Continuing to Grow

As vaccines roll out around the world, many businesses are reopening. The economy depends heavily on business activities’ resumption, but HighLine Classics doesn’t have to worry about waiting for the pandemic to end. As they continue to grow, the business has a few tricks up its sleeve, including diversifying into new areas and experimenting with the latest technology. The pandemic seems to have been a positive stimulus to this particular company’s business.

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