Jay Jiang Yu: Passion is a Key Element To Success


One of the most frequently used phrases in the business world is “high risk, high reward”. For the entrepreneurs who do utilize this strategy, the chances of success are 50/50. The ones who are successful, enjoy it in abundance. This is the strategy Jay Yu elected, and he has amassed a fortune in doing so.

Jay Jiang Yu redefines the term “self-made entrepreneur”. He is a first-generation immigrant who accompanied his mother to her job in a sweatshop and was subjected to racism. He worked hard for the education he so badly wanted while working full time, earning a degree in Psychology and becoming a member of Nu Alpha Phi, allowing him to mentor college students and new graduates.

A savvy and intuitive business figure, Jay is a private investor who provides corporate advisory services, and invests seed capital in public or private sectors. He is most well-known for his business incubation techniques: a unique blend of development processes designed to cultivate new businesses and help them grow during the difficult startup stage.

Jay Jiang Yu has an investment portfolio that is as varied as it is impressive. It includes gold mining/exploration companies, a disruptive private jet firm he co-founded, innovative sports equipment, fitness brands, blood diagnostic companies, blockchains, and legal cannabis businesses all the way to household names like Airbnb. He has advised hundreds of businesses in areas such as capital funding, structured financing, IPO Listings, public relations, market analysis, and scaling up companies. Perhaps, the most extraordinary aspect of his business prowess is that Jay is a self-taught investor. He was strongly drawn to international business and used this personal interest to cultivate amazing relationships around the world.

He attributes his exponential growth to hard work, forward thinking, a limitless mindset, and being excited about his businesses. Jay calls passion a key element, firmly believing that when investors see this genuine passion, they believe in a person who believes in themselves. Another valuable piece of advice from Jay Jiang Yu is to work with people who match your hunger and work ethic. “Hunger doesn’t have to be monetary; it can be a desire to learn and grow.” Jay made a name for himself by trusting his intuition and having enough courage to take calculated and forward-thinking risks. These strategies keep him in front of other investors by being attuned to future trends and taking action at the opportune moments. Jay believes in trusting his mind, but he also trusts his instincts. This has led to him taking big time and money risks to build a company, thus making him a living example of “high risk, high reward”

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