CIIG births new programme


The Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana (CIIG) has yet again birthed a brilliant initiative; the CIIG Mentorship Program.

Whether formally or informally, to be guided by another is truly a priceless gift. Mentorship is a sharing task and a communication role that leverages past experiences for the benefit of another. For the mentee, it is a duty to learn from others. Mentoring in the professional setting is a leadership and development program for both mentors and mentees. To mentor or desire to be mentored requires two essential leadership qualities; right attitude and commitment.

“As part of the CIIG 2020-2022 Defend and Grow Strategy the current leadership of the Institute seeks to initiate this mentoring program to build future-fit capabilities for the industry’s budding professionals. This is if we want to be pro-silient and I know our Senior Members are happy to mentor the younger ones” President of the CIIG, Mr. Tawiah Ben-Ahmed (FCIIG) disclosed.

The main objective of the CIIG mentorship program is to institutionalize Mentorship and strengthen Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to improve insurance professional practice to resonate with the core values of the Institute – Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence.

The Vice President of the Institute, Dr. Geraldine G. Abaidoo (FCIIG), who is spearheading this ingenious and life-changing program also mentioned that the plan is to build transformational relationships between both mentors and mentees that uniquely borders on trust and confidentiality to effect growth, manage skills and also provide perspectives for the ready-to-be-challenged mentees.

The program targets only members in good standing with the CIIG and it is set to cover all areas of Insurance, Reinsurance, Broking and Regulation. Mentors will use their personal knowledge, professional experience and network to provide the best possible guidance, feedback and support to the mentees. The Mentees who will be engaged in this mentorship relation, to accelerate their personal development and boost their professional career.

“In the long-term we assure and guarantee an effective and successful program considering the needs and availabilities of the participants as we are going to monitor progress and also critically consider all the feedback from our participants” says Ms. Daniela Kyra Djangba, Admin Secretary of the CIIG.

The CIIG Mentorship Program is officially being launched today and so far members of the Insurance Industry and its key stakeholders have rallied their support.

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