Pull up


Many are those who seem to think that most of the people around us practice the crab mindset or the pull him down syndrome.

It is as if we cannot stand to see our own succeed.

Any time one of us gets to do it first, it is like no this can’t be happening; we need to fight that one that has been able to do it first. So we will pull all manner of strings to stop this one who has achieved it.

But what we do not realize in all of this is that, the one among us who has managed to do it is showing the rest of us that it is very possible to be in such a space and that it is not a mystery or a preserve for certain class of people.

Now such crab mindsets did not emanate from a vacuum. It came as a result of the fact that after one has been able to make it within a space, the others do not see the benefit that had erupted out of such feats. They do not see the other ripple effect associated with it hence such attitudes.

I felt a joy of relief and a lot of excitement when Dzata Cement was opened and the way all and sundry are commending the founder for being the first Ghanaian to wholly own a cement factory.

At least the accolade and the general good will shown towards Dzata Cement made me realize that finally the crab mindset is being done away with.

Dzata Cement success is for the benefit of all and sundry.

Now for those, who can not perceive the benefits, just incline your minds to the multiplying effect of such a feat.

For instance, other similar forms of such manufacturing endeavor is possible.

Dzata Cement has paved the way for others to emerge.

And once we have shifted our mindsets to push upwards and not to pull downwards in the next few years, the economic trajectory of this nation would lure to greater heights which impact would be felt tangibly.

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