“The day you give up, you lose” Says the Inspirational Dolmar Cross


If you look at the stories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, they don’t just have startup experience, they also possess start-over experience.

That’s exactly what the real estate investor Dolmar Cross experienced but yet, successfully managed to bounce back from bankruptcy.

Despite a crumbling credit position, he was still able to establish a flourishing career post-bankruptcy in the real estate industry, thereby making outstanding financial comebacks.

As someone who came from a humble background as a Jamaican native, moving to a different country and, moreover, a developed state like Florida seemed like a dream come true to Cross.

And ever since, amidst the hustle and bustle of urban living, Cross realized he needed more from life than just the ordinary things.

For a few months, in fact, years, he felt overwhelmed by his struggles and losses, but Cross retooled his strategy, worked his way through odd and multiple jobs, discovered his true calling in the due process, and started over with double the passion and dedication for his profession—real estate investing.

Along the way, the realtor encountered several setbacks, but still took a chance, failed, and got up again—this time to flip nothing less than 1,000 real estate deals in a short span!

Speaking on his journey, Cross said, “Coming from nothing might have been the key that enabled me to start afresh and rise up like a phoenix each time I crashed from financial troubles.

I won’t deny that the start of the career as a new investor was extremely challenging, but eventually, as I began reaping the rewards of my hard work, it all seemed like a cakewalk.

However, little did I know, a bigger storm was waiting to test my determination, and yet again, I lost nearly everything after the 2011 market crash.

After the declaration of my bankruptcy right after that, I almost quit the industry for good, but an inner voice prompted me to not give up. I’m glad I chose to give it another try, which is why I’m able to witness success and stability today!”

Very recently, Cross was recognized for his education company, Real Advisors, by Inc., and was also declared two years in a row as one of the fastest-growing private organizations in America.

Looking back at his transition from bankruptcy to Inc. 500, Cross reminisces and says, “The day you give up, you lose. But if you don’t give up, wait to witness your win.”

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