Scottish Premiership club Livingston FC accepts TheFutbolCoin for tickets & merchandise


Dogecoin is currently a top ten digital coin with an enviable market value of approximately US$40 billion. Enter stage right TheFutbolCoin (TFC), a token powering a fast-growing digital ecosystem supporting the fans from the world of football. TFC with its iconic Panda logo is on the move with a unique set of firsts, or in footballing terms – on the road to glory.

Livingston FC is the first professional football club globally to announce a partnership with TFC enabling loyal fans to purchase tickets and merchandise. It now becomes incredibly easy for fans of The Lions to buy matchday tickets and kit themselves out with the latest offerings from club retail with digital tokens from their unique TFC wallet.

This token is part of a carefully designed ecosystem to enable revenue sharing and payments to businesses listed within the network that target a global football audience currently estimated at 4 billion. TFC essentially makes it easy for mainstream users to pay with blockchain based tokens and allows clubs and businesses to increase their sales to young hungry crypto enthusiasts and football fans alike.

Commenting on the partnership George Kafkarkou, Chairman, TheFutbolApp stated. “Football really is the beautiful game, and now we have a platform to match it where fans can experience and contribute to a blockchain revolution by earning tokens in our app, or purchasing them on select exchanges. Having Livingston FC as our first professional club signals our intentions and we look forward to all TFC fans getting behind our new partner club in Scotland”.

The TFC token creates a digital economy whilst sitting in “TheFutbolApp” (TFA), thrilling a global football community with its compelling, definitive and easy to use app. There are various reasons why football remains the most popular sport in the world; the historic and majestic stadiums, the transfers, and without doubt most importantly the fans who simply live for the sport. It is those fans who are recognized as the integral future of TFC.

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