GCB/Graphic to foster stronger alliance for national growth


The management of GCB Bank Ltd. and Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) have resolved to foster a stronger alliance in the interests of the two institutions and to help propel national growth.

While operating in different sectors of the national economy, Management of the two institutions agree that collaboration will help lubricate the engine of growth in the strategic interests of Ghana.

This point was reiterated when the Managing Director (MD) of GCB Bank, Mr. Kofi Adomakoh, paid a working visit to the Managing Director of the GCGL, Mr. Ato Afful, in Accra.

“Partnerships like this will be very useful. You are the most dominant media institution in the country, and I think we coming from the same mother. It is important that we cooperate and collaborate in business and social events,” Mr. Adomakoh stated.

Mr. Adomakoh’s visit was to introduce himself as the new MD of GCB Bank and share ideas on how best Ghanaian companies can collaborate to build businesses of international character and magnitude.

He acknowledged that both the banking and media industries have been evolving very fast, adding that: “Strategies are needed to take businesses to the next level and see how we can support each other.

“We want to play a role in making sure that you get there. More importantly, there are also things that we can look at together; and you can also help us disseminate what GCB wants to do among our various businesses,” he said.

“The disruption with COVID-19 and what has happened forced banks to get more digital to reach their customers. So, those days when we had armchair bankers who sat in the office and waited for the customer to queue outside are long gone; and it will change even more in the coming years,” he explained.

He said that was one of the reasons why he was reaching out to the GCGL, which is one of its customers, to find out how the bank can be of help to the company in coming years.

Mr. Afful on his part said the GCGL had enjoyed a fantastic relationship with GCB Bank over the decades, with the bank being immensely helpful.

“As an ongoing relationship, we will obviously be looking at upping the ante on both sides. We appreciate the services you have rendered to us over the decades,” he said.

Mr. Afful said the GCGL recognises the fact that times have changed, and therefore the company has rolled out several initiatives to ensure the business remains sustainable.

“Graphic is now doing thought-leadership programmes in partnership with other stakeholders. Additionally, because of its traditional base of print, the leaders of this business over time saw it fit to venture into the printing, publishing and packaging business – which led to establishment of the subsidiary company GPAK,” he said.

He said the GCGL also partnered another company to establish a courier services company that is into nationwide delivery.

“The company also, through partnership, has renovated and expanded its clinic, which used to serve only staff and family, to now serve the entire public,” he stated.

Furthermore, he said, the company has some physical assets which it intends to develop, and is therefore in discussion with some partners in that regard.

Mr. Adomakoh was accompanied by Mr. John Adamah, Mr. Kojo Kwarteng and Mr. Linus Kumi – respectively Heads of Consumer Banking, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Banking Departments at GCB.

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