KUO Fire Safety donates to Armed Forces SHS 


Fire protection equipment supplier firm, KUO Fire Safety, has donated fire safety equipment to the Armed Forces Senior high technical school at Burma Camp in Accra to enhance the school’s readiness to fight any unforeseen fire incident.

The students were also taken through drills to enhance their knowledge on the best ways to fight various fires. They where also educated on the best ways to protect one’s self in case of a fire incident.

The Items donated include Fire Extinguishers, First aid kits and PPE.

KUO took advantage of the event to form a Safety club with 191 student members, and a teacher as the club patron.

Assistant headmaster of the Armed Forces Senior High Technical, Sebastian Adama who facilitated the training said the education will help deal with challenges in the future. “ It is a very timely and very important visit we are very grateful that their coming here has been very timely, timely because COVID-19 has taught us to be safety conscious. Also apart from the protocols we are observing, fire is another pandemic and when it hits there is no vaccination.

“When the idea was muted we were very excited. We also bought into the idea of even having a fire safety club because it is very important. If we have such a club, we know that the future of fire safety in the school is very grounded. In some way we have manage to at least develop the fire safety consciousness,”Mr Adama said.

Fire Safety Manager at KUO, Abraham Nana Eshun told the media that: “We believe that we need to catch them young; I mean the safety education, we need to give it out to people while they are in school we don’t just have to wait for them to graduate come to the society before they start to learn safety.

I know most of us didn’t get the opportunity to learn about health and safety fire safety first aid and all this things during our tertiary school days we only got to learn it through professional courses and all that.

But we are here to first of all to set a safety club, we are here to actually inaugurate a health and safety club which we want to nurture and train the participants or the members of this club; they would be involved in quiz competition among others.”

He added that:  “I know most institutions most households when there is fire the only thing that comes to mind is let us bring water but as you heard during the training water can only fight class A fire if you are using water to fight electrical fire you will worsen the situation or kill yourself so we want to give them the appropriate fire extinguishers so that if there is any institutional fire the students with the training we have given to them will be able to make use of the fire extinguishers.”

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