Allianz Insurance launches ‘Insurance Matters’


…to engage industry experts, businesses and customers

Allianz Insurance, part of the global insurance giant Allianz Group, has launched ‘Insurance Matters’ – a thought leadership initiative that engages industry experts to discuss current and emerging trends and the impact they have on the country’s insurance industry.

The company will also engage business leaders and clients on insurance issues. Apart from webinars, conferences, Allianz Insurance will also leverage its social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to share knowledge and interact with consumers.

Commenting on the initiative, the Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Insurance, Darlington Munhuwani said: “We are thrilled to unveil this novelty in the industry, and our aim is to bring together key stakeholders to deliberate on issues impacting businesses and industry, and also highlight the benefits of insurance to a wider audience.

“As a brand we are strong on collaboration, and we intend to use this platform to raise awareness and understanding of important issues that affect stakeholders,” he remarked.

He explained that a lack of education and understanding of insurance has proved to be one of the big hurdles in increasing uptake of insurance in the country, adding that: “Insurance is not viewed as a risk transfer solution.  It is our responsibility to cause that narrative to change by empowering everyone with the relevant knowledge for them to make informed decisions on insurance and risk management matters”.

While urging stakeholders to take part in the upcoming informative discussions, Mr. Munhuwani is hopeful that the initiative will enhance awareness about the insurance industry and its available products, as well as contribute to current efforts by the regulator.

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