Best Western Premier builds back speedily

President and Chief Executive Officer of the YAMUSAH Group of Companies, Mr Zibrim Yamusah

One of the nation’s best indigenous hotels, Best Western Premier (BWP) Accra, Airport Hotel, continues to attract and host major events as the five-star facility recovers gradually from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nation’s hospitality industry was adversely impacted by the pandemic due to the closure of borders and general shutdown in tourism and demand for international travel.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the YAMUSAH Group of Companies – the parent group of BWP, Zibrim Yamusah told the media in an interview that the hotel’s management had carefully crafted and designed messages to effectively market the hotel’s modern state-of-the-art and alluring conferencing facilities among other services rendered.

In some of the messages the BWP hotel touts its facility as a “safe and reliable venue for every event and meeting,” and goes on to urge its clients not to compromise on the safety, success or elegance of their events.

“Choose any of our hygienic, modern and alluring conferencing venues, for the perfect ambience, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art equipment,” one of the messages said.

The hotel has also put out various packages designed for different groups of people for special occasions.

Commenting on a two-day strategic session held by insurance giant, Vanguard Assurance Company at the hotel, Mr Yamusah said the insurance company had found Best Western Hotel to be a very conducive and convenient place to do their strategy sessions every year and “we are always happy to welcome and host them.”

The Vanguard team, led by their Chief Executive Officer and key managers is camped in the hotel for at least two days so they are able to brainstorm on new strategies for their company.

According to Mr Yamusah, “basically it’s the facilities, the exceptional services that we offer that attracts them to continue to come and there are many more companies which have found our hotel a convenient place for their visitors and other meetings.”

Governmental organisations and agencies such as the Ministry of Roads and Highways and Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the Lands Commission among others and private sector organisations  are regular clients who patronize the services of the hotel.

“Our hotel provides everything that a company needs; we have board room facilities, we have a 250-seater auditorium; we have expansive conference room and a banquet hall which takes 150 people, “Mr Yamusah stated.

Strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols 

Mr Yamusah indicated that the hotel had ensured the strict observance of all safety protocols for both staff and visitors.

“We insist on the strict adherence to all the safety protocols; right from the entrance of the hotel we ensure all visitors are well masked, temperatures checked and hands thoroughly washed before admitting into the facility,” the Group CEO stated.

Guests commend BWP for top-notch services, others

Head of Retail Business at Vanguard Assurance, Solomon Amo Badu lauded the management and staff of the hotel for the warm reception accorded visitors and the facilities made available for their use.

“This is a nice hotel, the food is nice, staff are highly friendly and helpful; services are top-notch; this is a preferred venue for our sessions,” Mr Badu told the media.

He added that the Vanguard team was impressed with the facilities, ambience and services of the hotel, saying, “we have been to other facilities but this is by far the most superior.”

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