Want to achieve your financial goals? invest in UMB Balanced Fund


What do you want to achieve with your investments? A house? Retirement? Child’s Education? Vacation? Wedding? Whatever you would like to achieve, your dreams can be turned into reality by investing in the UMB Balanced Fund.

The financial services sector was shaken by the clean-up exercise jointly undertaken by two major regulatory bodies, Bank of Ghana and Securities and Exchange Commission. Just as the industry was returning to some degree of normalcy and investor confidence was building up, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The consequent economic uncertainty, staff lay-offs and decline in business activities led to a decline in investor activity. As market conditions gradually return to pre-COVID levels, it is essential that investors ascertain what asset classes to invest in, and with which institutions in order to achieve their financial goals. One investment product which provides stable returns and preserves capital is the UMB Balanced Fund.

The UMB Balanced Fund is an investment vehicle specifically curated to create value and seek stable growth for its investors. This Collective Investment Scheme operates by mobilizing funds from several investors into a big pool which is then invested by an experienced Fund Manager. Investing in the UMB Balanced Fund is a low-cost method of investing in a pool of investments made up of Bonds, Treasury Bills and other fixed Income securities as well as shares of listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

There are risks involved in every investment and the UMB Balanced Fund is no exception. Due to the listed equities exposure, the equity value of the fund may fluctuate in response to the change in prices of the underlying equities in the portfolio. Additionally, credit and interest rate risks could also impact the yields of the fixed income securities. Nonetheless, our fund manager’s investment decisions are informed by detailed market research and analysis in order to reduce the level of risk.

The fund’s commendable historical performance is testament to the fund manager’s strategic investment decisions which have enabled shareholders earn significant returns. Notwithstanding the -13.98% return of the Ghana Stock Exchange Composite Index (GSE CI), and the year 2020 being a rough year for the global financial market, the UMB Balanced Fund closed the year at 15.67%, earning its place as the second best performing Balanced Collective Investment Scheme for 2020.

The UMB Balanced Fund is open to the general public; this includes individuals and institutions. Parents and guardians can open Trust Accounts for their wards. Investing in the fund will help investors meet medium to long term financial needs such as education, retirement planning, acquisition of property, etc.

Two key benefits of the fund are stable returns and capital appreciation. Investing in the UMB Balanced Fund will enable you secure and achieve your financial goals.

We know that you are aware that the storm created by developments in the financial services sector as a result of the reforms by the Bank of Ghana and the Securities and Exchange Commission is not completely over. However, we also know that you have conquered the storm and it is time to turn to experienced professionals to take you even further on your investment journey.

Make the right choice. Invest in UMB Balanced Fund today.

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