How Nick Kozmin overcame impossible odds to become successful


 Businesses fail. Businesses learn. Businesses try again. Businesses prosper.

No business knows about its true north right from the start. It is all about trial and error, overcoming lots of obstacles, and taking new initiatives that help them get closer to success.

Some businesses are smart and learn from the examples of others about how to steer around corners and get ahead. But some businesses aren’t smart enough. They require consultants and engineers to help them find their true north.

Nick Kozmin, the founder of, is one such person who literally picks up business off the ground and helps entrepreneurs scale it to newer heights.

Nick has built his company from $0 to $13m in just 2.5 years without any external capital or funding. Let’s learn about his endeavors; how he turns small businesses into multi-million dollar companies and leads them to the horizon of ultimate success.

Over to Nick.

Q: Let’s start with a traditional question: What is your background and previous experience before launching

Nick: I studied Engineering Physics at Queen’s University in Canada where I focused on quantum and classical wave mechanics and also accumulated some debt.

To pay the debt, I started working as a door-to-door salesman and I was pretty good at it. I became number 1 out of 400 in just one month.

I quickly realized that doing business is my thing and launched my own auto detailing business which I grew to 3000 customers in just 2 years, then a math tutoring business which I sold.

Q: Being an entrepreneur is a serious challenge. How do you tackle this and what are your three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Nick: Entrepreneurship is about having the right foundations from the beginning.

1) Develop a solution to an acute problem

2) Derive a thoughtful and complete sales and marketing argument

3) Solve for a sales process that is both repeatable and scalable

Q: What was the idea behind forming  What problem(s) does it solve?


– First, we help entrepreneurs craft a message that is targeted at one specific customer set that lights prospects up like a Christmas tree.

– Then we help our customers develop video assets that allow prospects to spend at least 7 hours on the website before they opt to book a call. This allows prospects to learn the underlying thesis of the product or service such that the communication on the sales call is efficient.

– From there, we help our customers craft and validate a detailed sales script that covers every possible objection a prospect can have to ensure that the argument within the script maps accurately to the landscape of the customer’s environment. Doing this will increase resonance and contribute to a high sales call conversion rate. We advise our customers to continually update this script such that each new objections and edge cases propagates throughout the entire sales team immediately after it is found.

– Then we help our customer hire a remote sales team using a “video hiring funnel” and automated webinar where an opportunity to earn high commissions from a remote station is presented to eager salespeople candidates. The hiring webinar charges the salespeople a small fee to facilitate the screening process. This strategy goes against the grain a little, however, it has been proven to be effective.

– Once the hires are onboarded, our customers send their recruits through our proprietary online sales training where salespeople learn the ins and outs of remote prospecting (the process of turning cold email into qualified appointments) and closing (the process of mapping a solution to the prospects needs through an offer). New hires get ramped up to full capacity in only a few weeks, which is approximately 10 times faster than the traditional training methods.

Q: Do you read often? What books do you recommend business owners should follow?

Nick: There are great books on every topic. It depends on what stage of business you are in.

My 3 picks for everybody are: The Four Steps To The Epiphany by Steve Blank, Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz, Evolutionary Psychology by Dr. David Buss.

Q: Where can people connect with you?

Nick: The best way is to go to our website and become a customer, haha. Or you can connect with me at LinkedIn at Nick Kozmin.

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