MDPI takes over SCORE programme end of 2021


The Deputy Director General for Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI), Miss Bernice Adjei, has stated that MDPI will be taking over the International Labour Organisation (ILO) SCORE programme by the end of 2021.

She made this statement in an interview at a training session organised by the ILO for Implementing partners on ‘SCORE Data Management and M&E system Training’ as part of the transition process.

“Basically, we are here today as part of the handing-over transition from ILO to MDPI of the SCORE programme, which is the sustaining competitive enterprise programme, by the end of this year,” she stated.

The Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is a practical training and workplace improvement programme to increase the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises while promoting respect for workers’ rights.

According to her, a few years ago she together with Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffour-Awuah, met with the Director General of ILO to present their interest and re-introduce MDPI again, which was fruitful.

Miss Adjei said the interaction between MDPI and the ILO Director-General few years back has today made the institute the ILO’s legitimate representative in the country.

“The Director-General was really very happy we had taken that approach. And through that, MDPI was recognized, or has been recognised, as the legitimate representative for ILO in the country in terms of the SCORE programme,” she emphasised.

MDPI is under the Ministry of Labour and Employment and is the Productivity Centre for Ghana, Miss Adjei explained.

She appreciated the good work of Mr. Samuel Asiedu and his team toward the transition process, and noted that MDPI has also set up a transition team to assist till MDPI finally takes over from the ILO.

Miss Adjei further stated that MDPI is very excited because they are ready to take the industrialisation agenda of Ghana to a higher stage with its team of industrial Engineers in the sector.

“We are very excited about it, because in order for Ghana’s industrialisation agenda to actually be very successful we need the Productivity Centre that will train and build capacity, because our human capacity is very, very important,” Miss Adjei noted.

She stressed the fact that MDPI is the Productivity Centre, and noted that they have all the people on board to do feasibility studies which provide adequate information on the needs of enterprises in the country.

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