Get the latest BBC Minute news summary in English, Hausa and Pidgin on GhanaWeb

Photo: BBC Audio page on GhanaWeb

Readers of GhanaWeb will get to access international news in a wrap with the introduction of an exciting audio package through a partnership with the international news organization, BBC.

The BBC News Minute is one out of many other products birthed from a digital partnership between the BBC World Service and AfricaWeb.

BBC News Minute is the BBC’s 60-second news round-up in English that will apprise our readers with a minute-by-minute audio update of what is trending. There are also BBC Pidgin Minute and BBC Hausa Minute in the Pidgin and Hausa languages respectively.

Readers can access this amazing product via the BBC Audio tab in the left navigation menu of the GhanaWeb Africa page.

Aside from the BBC News Minute feature, the Africa page on GhanaWeb gives readers access to BBC News Pidgin and Hausa articles on the website to get more informed and abreast of relevant issues across the globe in the languages they are comfortable with.

“Our partnership with the BBC is part of the AfricaWeb dream of building Africa-wide collaborative relationships to make a more positive impact on the continent,” said Editor-in-Chief of AfricaWeb, Ismail Akwei said during the launch of the partnership.

The partnership includes offering BBC News in French to audiences in Cameroon via AfricaWeb’s market-leading news portal,

The overall content offer includes:

  • BBC News Minute English – audio bulletins
  • The Comb podcast – our weekly Podcast for young Africans
  • BBC News Pidgin Minute – audio
  • BBC News Pidgin – full-text articles
  • BBC News Hausa Minute – audio
  • BBC News Hausa – full-text articles
  • BBC News Afrique – full-text articles
  • World Service English radio – audio

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