Digital education tools for teachers and students


Education has become massively easier due to the advancement in technology. Technology plays a significant role in boosting the learning process. Similarly, it helps much for the teachers to make students grab the concept with much ease. Students must learn how to work on assignments and craft the thesis without plagiarism in it.

Check plagiarism to stay updated about the level of uniqueness and duplication in content. Let us view digital educational tools that are available online to assist students and teachers.

Variety of Digital Educational Tools:

Digital educational tools are flooded on the internet. But, it would help if you relied on those which offer excellent services without hassles. No matter how much longer the assignment is, you must not ensure to check plagiarism on it. You cannot deal with it until you know the exact sources and duplicate sentences or phrases. Among all the available educational tools, the most popular and frequently used ones are:

  • PlagiarismChecker
  • Thinglink
  • TED-Ed
  • Storybird
  • Kahoot
  • Projeqt


Creating efficient methodologies for the students is not arduous for the teachers. Thinglink offers the teachers a fantastic platform to interact with students. This educational tool helps create interactive and engaging images with impressive texts, sounds, and music. It opens up the educators’ pathway to make the students curious and much interested in the learning. Expanding knowledge is relatively easier with this online tool.


The duplication checker is helpful for both students and teachers. The plagiarism checker tool by is undoubtedly the best possible solution for the students and the freelancers. Duplication is academic theft, and a person can be accused of this issue when he copies material from others. Students need to be highly cautious about the similarity index in the content.

Check plagiarism and deal with it by incorporating advanced vocabulary. The primary method to deal with duplication is the use of rewriting online tools. The students are the primary population who need rewriting tools because they need to develop large essays and assignments that take much time and effort. Students can enjoy getting good grades for their submitted work when they consider it necessary to check plagiarism in advance. It indeed optimizes their level of confidence tool.


TED-Ed is not a usual education tool. There are extensive benefits and specifications that help teachers and students. This tool provides a platform for people to express their knowledge. People who want to share their academic knowledge can add their demo to it. On the other hand, people can also have benefited from getting information.


The valuable educational tool which promotes the skills of reading and writing is known as Storybird. It works in providing excellent learning through the feature of storytelling. Educators can enjoy using this educational tool for creating artistic books. These contain an attractive interface and easy to use. Teachers can even get the benefit of it to organize grades and share their constant feedback with students.

Students learn more quickly at the initial stage of their life and can improve quite amazingly. Hence, it is optimally necessary to provide the theme the right platform to grow.


The question and game-based educational platform which promotes instant learning are known as Kahoot. Educators can enjoy using it for creating surveys, discussions, and questionnaires that perfectly complement the academic concepts. It is like a game that indulges the students in scoring well through answering first. It is the perfect method to promote fun in learning and developing social engagement among students.


The education tool that is highly popular with the perspective of creating a splendid multimedia presentation is Projeqt. It features stunning and attractive dynamic slides worthy of use for online quizzes, links, and maps. Teachers can make the concept much clearer to the students using academic tools that offer a better and unique visual approach.


Collaborative writing is possible with the aid of this online tool. It is beneficial for students of all ages. It is highly worthy for beginners’ writers and feels the reluctance to write the content by themselves. It offers the flexibility to the student writers to write on their piece of the story. It generates a spark in the minds of writers to build the creative story so that the chain goes on.

However, it is important to bring uniqueness to the story. Check plagiarism for the stories through the plagiarism tool, which is free of cost.

In a Nutshell:

Students can enjoy excelling from other students when they consider using multiple online tools rather than a single one. Take out time to check plagiarism at your earliest. Check plagiarism until the content satisfies you in terms of uniqueness and is reflected as free of plagiarism. Teachers can uplift the comprehension level of the students with the approach of such education assistance tools.


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