80% of farmers will benefit from SRI web-based application platform – Prof. Buri


The Director for Soil Research Institute, Prof. Mohammed Moro Buri has stated that about 80% of farmers will benefit from the Soil Research Institute’s (SRI) web-based application platform.

The Soil Research Institute’s (SRI) web-based application platform  provides information on the various soils in the country.

According to him, the initial information that was created was only available in an analogue form which created limitation for its accessibility to the users.

“This information we have presented today was covered over a longer period, but the initial information was in an analogue form which limited accessibility and availability to as many users as possible” Prof. Buri stated.

Speaking on the development of the platform, he said, it was very challenging as financing the initiative was a huge constraint to them.

He stated that the government of Canada through Modernising Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) supported the initiative.

“Through MAG all the information that we had gathered in the shelves was brought together and converted into the digital form and that conversion was done between 6 to 12 months… The funding was a major constraint but since MAG came forward with financial support, funding was at ease and that’s how come we build this platform across” he said.

He stated that, information on the platform will be updated after receiving feedback.

“All we need is to get the reaction and the information will be updated and improved with time. It is difficult to build something to satisfy 100%,” he noted.


The online platform contains digitized soil maps of specific information, soil characteristics and appropriate mineral requirement for key crops in each agro-ecological zones of Ghana.

Also, information on selection of suitable soil physical and chemical characteristics for cultivation of crops can be found on the platform.

Again, agricultural investors could have better information and input for drawing business plans.


Some beneficiaries according to SRI are Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ), Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD), farmers (small, medium, large scale), investors and others.

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