Piccadilly Biscuits unveils Master Richard as brand ambassador

  • as it clocks 65 years
  • new products launched

It was the recounting of old memories and the creation of new ones as legendary biscuit maker, Piccadilly Biscuits, commemorated its 65th anniversary with the appointment of Mikki Osei Berko popularly known as Master Richard as its brand ambassador.

Piccadilly Biscuits remains ubiquitous in the country and has historically been synonymous with the yuletide; with more than three generations of Ghanaians growing up on snacks by the company which predates Independence.

At the unveiling ceremony, Managing Director of Piccadilly Biscuits, Roy Sommers stated that the move to appoint a brand ambassador was in line with a two-pronged strategy of scaling up innovation and marketing, adding that former is well underway.

Touching on the rationale for engaging a brand ambassador, he said, “Piccadilly Biscuits has always led the way of innovation in the industry and our products are proof of it. But we realized we were lacking something, so we decided to tap into the experience of others to improve our marketing and we realized that we need expertise.”

On the reason for the choice of Mikki Osei Berko as ambassador, he cited Osei Berko’s distinguished career over various segments, crossover appeal and longevity as factors which made the decision a rather easy one.

“He perfectly embodies what we are looking for in an ambassador, he has been around for a long time and done it all, his experience is vast and his longevity speaks for itself and he is loved all over the country, just as Piccadilly is. He is the best and we wanted someone who had the same family values and personality as us.”

On his part, Osei Berko reminisced about his moments with Piccadilly Biscuits growing up and expressed delight at the opportunity to represent a brand he grew up on.

“For Piccadilly, a brand that is older than I am, finding it necessary to celebrate this milestone with the unveiling of a brand ambassador and they chose me, has been quite emotional for me… money is important but this relationship is more important to me and my brand than money,” he said.

At the Hi-Lynks Communication Ltd organized event, two new products were unveiled – a set of crackers and slightly salted popcorn. Commenting on the products, Sommers stated that they represent a further diversification of Piccadilly’s portfolio, which is aimed at meeting customers’ demand, particularly for less sugary foods.

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