Corporate Poet: My Little Small Room


My Little Small Room

Among the rooms you are the smallest

For health safety you are the dearest

For socialization you are the loneliest

The time I spend with you is the shortest

Yet without you, the house is not complete


My Little Small Room

It’s beautifully tiled from floor to walls

And odour free with good ventilation

A decent place with hand washing sink

When I handle it well it is a good friend

It welcomes me and smiles at me

When I ignore it, it becomes my enemy

And a great monster that bites me hard


My one and special washroom

When the war drums are beating in my stomach

I run to you for peaceful settlement

When my body’s rains are about to fall

You are my place of convenience

I go in serious and come out relaxed

I bring in my burden and go out relieved


My little small room is a social amenity

A basic necessity in every community

It is not a nuisance but an opportunity

So keep it clean and ensure it’s sanity

When nature calls, it’ll save your dignity

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