BBC World Service partners with AfricaWeb to offer digital content


 First international news organisation to offer News related podcasts to African market

The BBC World Service and AfricaWeb have formed a new digital partnership to offer BBC News text, podcasts, audio and video content in English, Pidgin, Hausa and French to audiences in Ghana and Cameroon via market-leading news portals and

This partnership will offer for the first time The Comb podcast, a unique and fascinating news and current affairs product aimed at younger audiences across the continent.

BBC News Minute is the BBC’s 60-second news round-up that keeps audiences up to date with what is trending and shared on social media, while the BBC News World Service audio stream has a range of audio content with global appeal.

BBC News Afrique will be the first international news provider on Cameroun Web’s website, extending the reach of BBC News content to their 2 million visitors.

BBC News Afrique, Pidgin and Hausa will offer existing and new GhanaWeb and CamerounWeb audiences another way to further engage with in depth news content in local languages.

This partnership expands BBC World Service digital reach in Ghana and Cameroon with a combined audience of 6 million online visitors to both sites per month.

The overall content offer includes:

  • BBC News Minute English – audio bulletins
  • The Comb podcast – our weekly Podcast for young Africans
  • BBC News Pidgin Minute – audio
  • BBC News Pidgin – full text articles
  • BBC News Hausa Minute – audio
  • BBC News Hausa – full text articles
  • BBC News Afrique – full text articles
  • World Service English radio – audio

Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, Head of West Africa Languages, BBC World Service says: “This partnership provides an opportunity to expand our digital reach in Ghana and Cameroon simultaneously to a combined audience of 6 million online visitors to both sites.   We’re very pleased to be partnering with AfricaWeb and look forward to expanding our service to a wider audience online.”

Ismail Akwei, Editor-in-Chief, AfricaWeb says: “GhanaWeb and CamerounWeb have been serving Ghanaians and Cameroonians with quality news and independent journalism that have kept readers enlightened while safeguarding their right to freedom of expression. Our partnership with the BBC is part of the AfricaWeb dream of building Africa-wide collaborative relationships to make a more positive impact on the continent.”

GhanaWeb and CamerounWeb are part of the AfricaWeb Holding group, an advertising and digital solutions provider for African publishers.

They are leading news sites respectively for Ghana and Cameroon.

GhanaWeb targets Ghanaians interested in local news and current affairs in Ghana and beyond. CamerounWeb was launched in 2014 and has become the most visited website in Central Africa.

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