Turkish, Spanish Ambassadors pay courtesy call on Awal 


The Turkish Ambassador to Ghana,  Ozlem Ergun Uluesen has paid a working visit to the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture,  Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal.

The visit was to strengthen the already existing bilateral relationship between the Turkish government and the Republic of Ghana and also  explore opportunities of mutual benefit in the tourism sphere between the two countries.

Mad  Uluesen indicated that the Turkish government intends to collaborate with the Government of Ghana through the Tourism Ministry to explore tourism related opportunities for socio cultural and economic benefits of both countries.

She stressed that Ghana has an immense opportunity in the area of tourism arts and culture that necessitated her maiden engagement with the Ghana’s Tourism Minister, to explore opportunities in the sector.
The Ambassador  said globally countries are now diversifying their economies and the tourism sector has been widely viewed as an alternative game changer.

She used the occasion to commend Dr.  Awal, for the warm courtesy extended to her and her delegation and further wished him well in his new portfolio as the sector Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Ghana.

On his part,  Dr.  Awal, expressed his commitment and that of government  to collaborate with the Turkish government to explore areas of mutual benefit in the tourism and Culture landscape in Ghana for the well-meaning of the two countries.

According to him, the initiative would undoubtedly have the tendency to turn the economic fortunes of the two countries and also create employment opportunities for the teeming youth in the Tourism, Arts and Culture industry in Ghana.

Dr Awal, congratulated the  Ambassador and the Turkish Government for its desire to collaborate with Ghana in the area of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

She was accompanied by her Executive Secretary, Mrs. Seyda Nur Ergun

Also the Spanish Ambassador to Ghana,  Alicia Rico Perez and the Deputy Head of Missions of the Spanish Embassy to Ghana Mr. Rafael Rodriquez-ponga Albala,  paid a courtesy call on the Dr.  Awal.

Mad Rico Perez, briefing the Tourism Minister on the rationale behind her maiden visit to his office, indicated that it was to further strengthen the bond of good relationship between the Government of Spain and that  of Ghana.

She emphasized that, the Spanish government intends to collaborate with the government of Ghana through the Tourism Ministry to train young Ghanaian entrepreneurs who are into tourism by empowering them economically.

This according to her, would position these young entrepreneurs in the country’s tourism sector to become globally competitive in their choice of doing business in Ghana.

Dr.  Awal, expressed his unwavering commitment and that of President Nana Akufo Addo’s administration to collaborate with the Spanish government to help in building the capacity of young  entrepreneurs to be internationally competitive and be economically viable.

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