Appolonia City to increase local content procurement for infrastructure projects


Appolonia City has announced that it is increasing local content participation in its infrastructure projects.

The initiative will build the capacity and expertise of local contractors and vendors, provide more jobs and positively impact economic activities in the local Appolonia community. The scale of work the initiative covers includes the construction of roads, buildings, installation of streetlights, water pipes, landscaping and other civil works.

According to Appolonia City’s CEO, Bright Owusu-Amofah, the city currently has more than 15 local contractors working on utility and construction projects.

“Appolonia City, as Greater Accra’s new city, is fully committed to growing Ghana’s human resource potential, especially in real estate. We expect this to have a multiplier economic effect and contribute to increasing standards in the industry,” he added.

Appolonia City’s Utilities Manager, Adamu Ben-Mahmoud commented: “Our ambition is to deliver more than 30,000 quality new homes. The number of residents at Appolonia City is expected to grow exponentially this year, and we welcome contractors or service providers to pre-qualify their firms with us”.

Appolonia City’s parent company, Rendeavour, is investing more than US$250million over the lifetime of the project to create a live, work and play master-planned environment away from the congestion of the main city centre. Appolonia City is a partnership between Rendeavour and the chiefs and people of Appolonia.

Appolonia City is a 2,325-acre (941-hectare) inclusive mixed-use new city in Greater Accra. A seamless live-play-work community, Appolonia City offers homes, offices, shopping, schools, healthcare and ample parks and open spaces. High-quality tarred roads, power, ICT, water and storm drains are already available at Appolonia City.

Appolonia Industrial Park is a 200-acre, modern warehousing, logistics and light industrial zone with world-class urban management services. Appolonia City is a development by Rendeavour, in partnership with the chiefs, elders and residents of the Appolonia community. Rendeavour is Africa’s largest private city developer, with projects in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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