STC maintains lead in safety of passenger


The Intercity State Transport Company Limited (ISTC) still remains the most reliable, safe and efficient transport company in the country under the able leadership of Nana Akomea as Managing Director.

The safety and efficiency of ISTC is largely due to its stringent recruitment practices of drivers to handle its large fleet of buses. Mr. Charles Kweku Appiah, Acting National Chief Driver of ISTC has disclosed in Accra.

According to Mr. Appiah, drivers who form the core structure of the company has a strict tradition of recruitment.

He explained that a person who wants to be a driver of the company should attain the age of between 35 and 45 years with driving license “F” and also should have worked privately or otherwise for 5 years.

Once a number of prospective drivers is shortlisted, they are taken on a group test drive. On their return, they begin an intensive training in driving technics and modern road signs at its renowned Training School in Accra for 3 months and subsequent refresher courses quarterly.

Mr. Appiah disclosed that after the training, this group is taken on a tour of the whole country to familiarize themselves with the ISTC routes. He further explained that after the group has completed these hectic exercises, they are allocated buses and initially have to be assisted by a senior colleague on their journeys.

The drivers are strictly cautioned to drive within speed limits and avoid unnecessary overtaking on their routes. Mr. Appiah said Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately made the company to shut down its international routes until the situation improves.

The company now operates 146 big buses and 120 mini buses across the country. It now operates in five major cities i.e. Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tamale and Bolga. Sunyani is soon to be linked up while Wa is receiving attention. Ho and Aflao are operating normally mainly with mini buses.

The ISTC chief driver said the company now has 200 drivers for the big buses and 120 for the mini buses. He said the safety of its passengers is of great concern to the company and urged the drivers to be extra careful when driving. This safety he said, has made the ISTC the most trusted transport company in the country.

He concluded that fatal road accidents can be avoided when its competitors exercise great care and avoid over speeding and unnecessary overtaking on the roads.

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