The importance of good habitation in uncertain times


About 13 months ago, no one envisioned a pandemic that would disrupt socio-economic life on a grand scale such as COVID-19. For most countries that were in the process of economic progression, being halted in that upward trajectory by an unprecedented incident has affected livelihoods and social interaction.

In a period of uncertainty and a shift in social interaction, it is important to have a safe and habitable space. Having a safe and healthy home has never been more significant in contributing to fighting a life-threatening virus with over 100 million positive cases recorded till date.

It is scary to live with an infected person without good habitation while the world battles a highly contagious respiratory virus. When people do not have to worry about their residential complexities and complications in a pandemic, it eases their anxiety.

As challenging as these uncertain times may be, the hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit sectors across the globe. Many hotels, restaurants, beaches, resorts and the likes have been forced to close down, largely due to travel restrictions enforced across different countries. Just as businesses are trying to adapt to the pandemic to keep afloat, people are constantly looking out for new alternatives to improve their circumstances.

Throughout the search for new realities borne out of a health awakening, businesses are turning to mergers and partnerships. In the same vein, people are invariably looking for discounts, economic reliefs and investment opportunities that will sustain themselves and their families.

With the development of vaccines to be taken all over the world, Ghana, especially Accra, is in pole position to represent the new realities we all seek through improved housing for everyone.

Ghana presents a safe, secure and viable housing opportunity for all aspiring home owners as the Real Estate Industry grows exponentially. In order to be part of the post-pandemic recovery process, it is essential to build right to accommodate more people looking for international experience – a combination of comfort and luxury.

Now that Earlbeam Group has partnered with one of the world’s largest hotel companies, Radisson Hotels Group, everyone’s dream home themed on international experience has been made a reality. Despite the effects of the pandemic, Earlbeam Realty is focused on providing comfort and luxury with the right amenities, affordable for every Ghanaian whose desire is to be a home owner.

>>>The writer is a forward-thinking individual with sound experience in the real estate industry, primarily within Accra’s choicest neighbourhoods. Overall, she has 12 years of operational experience, with a vast majority of it being within real estate sourcing, property consulting, interior styling, project management and client relations.

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