Poetry Corner: Single on, or mingle in? 

Poetry Corner

In those days when they were babes

They craved

Even in those days

They craved for an early grave

An early grave to bury their loneliness

Sleep came easy

But not all so easy

For kisses they missed pressed at their lips in their dreams


In those days when they lived like babes

There were days and nights of sadness from emptiness

They wished upon some fullness

To crossover for a fulfilment

Smiles formed so faintly

But not all so faintly

For dreams of days and nights of emptiness

Passed with promises of palpable companionships


In those days when they loved like babes

They loved babes

Even in those days

Babes loved to be babes of love

Loving came from a heart so pretty

But not all so pretty

For hearts of babes rushed to love

At the first sight of love

For feverish feelings of infatuation

Overran the passion of babes of love


In those days when they made the grade

The babes were no babes to denigrate

They had upgraded to arrive at a fertile age..to mingle

They had updated to meet their marrying mates

…heart to heart

So they grabbed babes…any within a heart’s reach

For a walk down the aisle


Babes believed in loving

“If we are not loving

Then we are not living”

So they loved…so to live


In the maiden days when marriage began its walk

Babes worked at it…so hard at it

Smiles formed so easy

Even in those days

Babes made marriage wade through its own rivers

To pave its own way through the ocean of waves

For waves to pace at their own sea of babes…and their lovers


In those days when marriage continued its meandering journey

Babes suffered to single out reason they mingled in

Babes stopped to reason out

“To mingle in was better than to single on…endlessly

To mingle in was to step out of a singles Inn…permanently”


Many days hence

Sleep came not so easy

Marriage struggled to catch a breath

When babes lived without loving

When babes lived for a heart not so loving


It was in those days when marriage began to reap a broken vow

In those days when marriage began a walk down

…down the ailing street

When marriage came to a whining but a binding wreck

Before winding down to a total crack


In those days when they were no longer babes

They craved

Even in those latter days

Babes craved to single on

They vowed never to mingle in

Babes longed to live on a long lone range

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