Intermittent power outages in Wa affecting economic activities …. business owners complain

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Business owners in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West region have expressed worries over the negative impact of power outages on their operations.

On Monday, March 15, 2020 economic activities came to a halt in the municipality due to power outages which lasted for hours.

Cold store and sawmill operators were some of the businesses that were hit by the power cuts.

The power that was taken around 8:30am was restored at 10:30 pm. Some businesses had to resort to generators to enable them work.

In the public sector, some staff were seen in public institutions sitting idle while others had to resort to other activities to avoid wasting the day.

Some staff who spoke to the B&FT on condition of anonymity complained of heat in the offices—making it unbearable to stay in the office.

“The working environment is not conducive anytime there is a power cut. The heat is unbearable,” a public sector worker told the B&FT.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Salifu, a mechanic noted that the power outage since has made him lose some contracts.

As at the time of reporting the news, there was still power outage in the Municipality.

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